Great Workshop, Great Takeaways and Gratitude for Good People!

IMG_2388(Artifacts recovered from former Philbrick Tavern in Farmington Township, MI)

The Michigan Chapter of the National Speakers’ Association put on another great workshop with Jess Pettitt taking us through hands-on activities on recharging and adjusting one’s self to just “Do You!”  Such a simple message right?

But the workshop highlighted how much sometimes we are striving for something other than ourselves. As a deeply moving session, it carried gratitude at the heart of one of the activities and a challenge to show that gratitude. As the workshop evolved inside my head to this social media post, I realized the person Jess Pettitt challenged me to thank was Dr. Jeni Wenson.

There are multiple reasons I could list for picking Dr. Wenson. She is a great partner in teaching at Oakland University. She has built a great business as a female entrepreneur.  But more than that, she demonstrated great leadership in her community by renovating and restoring the former Philbrick Tavern, which was one of the stops on the Underground Railroad in the pioneer days. It has been her family’s home and opened for tours during Black History month.

It’s so easy to just look past those people we carry with us every day but gratitude is a great and easy thing to give. Who will you thank next?

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