Interview on Inspiring Bold – why buy “this” book?

An interview? Really?

NFReads featured guests have included a multi-award winning SF author who was a programmer for an early Cold War air defense system, a two-time Cannes official selected film director with a best-selling memoir about his 500-mile hike across Spain, a best-selling Oprah Winfrey Network nutritionist and a Pennsylvania state representative who advocates for the mentally ill through legislation and science-fiction novels. And now they wanted to know what was behind “Inspiring Bold”.


It’s probably not surprising that I decided to take a different angle. I thought what could I write that would convince someone to buy my book. I could list strengths and takeaways. I could share reviews and references. I could go on and on about what it took to write it and so forth.

And then the thought popped in my head.

Maybe I could give the reader something? A gift? Something I could share? Something that would show the reader what “Inspiring Bold” is all about.

It just so happened I had a very interesting story I had been trying to get published locally and it just seemed right that this would be the venue to share it.

I crafted the story into the interview. The interview and gift are featured here.



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