About Me

laura-kempfAfter a successful career in Finance, Laura decided to take a different role as a Lean Champion. Little did she know at the time, that the new position would set her on a path for not only looking for process improvement but also improving her leadership style. Inspiring Bold was born from this journey and while she shares many experiences and learnings, her focus on self-awareness and servant leadership have been key in changing her leadership, changing her life and changing the world around her.

This journey has taken her to her current role as Innovation Leader (which she loves). It has reconnected her with love for writing and allowed her to find a new passion in public speaking. In focusing on self-awareness and servant leadership which have profoundly changed her life, she encourages and inspires other leaders to do the same.

Laura Kempf received a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Purdue and an MBA from the University of Chicago. She authored her journey to servant leadership in a book titled “Inspiring Bold” and teaches Lean Leadership as an adjunct professor at Oakland University. She actively participates in the MI chapter of the National Speakers Association and as Booth Detroit City Ambassador, she promotes staying connected and networking with University of Chicago (Booth business school).