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It is not every day that you put your heart, soul, and guts on display for the world to see. But that is what Laura Kempf, author of Inspiring Bold, has done here with the hope to inspire change. Change in process. Change in people. Change in the world. She believes that shadowing someone is the best way to open your eyes and learn. 

Based on that belief, Inspiring Bold takes the reader through the transformation and personal journey Laura has made since embarking in the role of Business Transformation Consultant at IBM Watson Health. She shares key insights and tools that impacted her life, including mindfulness, compassion, design thinking, and more. Anyone can easily learn from her journey and start applying these tools now to make a bold change in their own lives. Laura comments, “if you want to change the world, start with changing yourself. There is likely a lot to start with there.” 

Self-reflection was key in Laura’s transformation. She often remarks, “I am not the same leader I was several years ago.” The ability to look inward for improvement sparked the change in her life. 

Press that “buy” button, so you can follow Laura on her journey and then take what you learn over to your life. Enjoy.

Book Reviews:

“Laura shares her own personal transformation journey as she converted from a traditional top-down management style to become a servant leader by developing her Lean manager competencies. I appreciate her transparent delivery-sharing both the positives and the challenges. If you are considering or are in the process of a Lean cultural transformation, I highly recommend this read as part of your personal development.”

“Laura covers the process of finding purpose and going on to define, develop, and deliver to that purpose – from her own personal story of transition away from Finance to becoming a Lean coach. You could pay $1,000 for a workshop that might teach less – or read this book a couple times and learn from Laura’s experience. Highly Recommended!”

“Super easy read and so relatable!”

“Laura’s Inspiring Bold – a true to heart, personal journey from a smart purpose driven daughter to a bold inspiring leader – Laura takes the reader on her personal journey and allows us to experience what she goes through as she makes her way from a solid, precision oriented engineer to a true leader that is unafraid to show her vulnerabilities and exhibits steadfast commitment in the face of many obstacles to become a better person, and a better leader. Laura inspires and helps readers see themselves through her stories. She is brutally honest with herself and with what she has seen and experienced around her. Every leader now and in the future can learn from Laura’s examples of what the right thing is to do for your teams, for your peers and for your supervisors who don’t always get to work with bold employees. Employees that are willing to not only reflect and commit to being better but also ones who boldly hand a mirror to their leaders so that they can reflect for themselves on who they really are and who they really can be – inspiring and humble servant leaders that can make their teams, organizations, and society better.”

“Laura writes about her personal journey of self-discovery from top-down traditional leadership to servant leadership (leading from behind). This is an easy read; Laura clearly describes her experiences and learnings – and the reader easily understands her key points which are explained using specific personal examples. With chapter titles such as: Once I was Blind, But Now I See, Finding Purpose, and It’s Harder Than It Sounds – the reader is taken along on Laura’s journey of self-discovery. The reader is also challenged to embrace their own vulnerability as a positive attribute and to develop skills in listening, calmness, mindfulness and compassion. I think many leaders and future leaders will find this book helpful in defining and enhancing their own leadership style – and will find lessons they can apply in both their personal and professional lives. A true gem!”

“Compassionate and courageous, Laura offers honest insight through her journey to servant leadership. Sharing how vulnerability became a gateway to sincere reflection, meaningful growth and service to others, Laura inspires us to be bold! Much to learn from these pages, not only on the lessons she shares but about one’s own mindset and the opportunity to use these stories to reflect more deeply.”

“Inspiring Bold is a wonderful and honest story. I really enjoyed reading it. Thank you, Laura, for having the courage to be vulnerable and share your story. I am inspired by how you wrote this book and I accept your challenge which you beautifully phrased as: “I challenge you to find your story and your calling and carry that with you as you continue your journey and take these insights to change the world.”