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Where Do You Learn?

IMG_2383I have been to every Dave Matthews concert for the last twenty some years (at least one per year, that is).  In past, I have had revelations like just loving to watch this guy do what he truly loves. It’s an incredible thing to admire. Someone in the moment of what they love to do and sharing it with others.

This time something else struck me as I jammed out with my husband to the great music. I was amazed how many times he referred to the other members of the band. Thanking them but more so playing music with them in a game of their own of sorts on stage. They are all just having a good time,  sharing it with us and letting us enjoy.

It made me think.

When do I put other people forward? When was the last time I praised someone and raised them up on a stage?  And hopefully something for you to think about as well.

The more we can do to raise others up, the more we grow ourselves. Deep thoughts from a deep concert, I know. Enjoy!

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