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Always Be Serving!

I know. I know. Don't you really mean "always be selling"? Yeah. That's the phrase. But something strikes you wrong when you hear the words: "sell, sell, sell".  The image of a used car salesman pops in your head.  High pressure sales. That's why it was so refreshing to hear Phil Gerbyshak discuss "Selling with… Continue reading Always Be Serving!

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Would You Send the Steak Back?

I have been reflecting on various buying experiences with a common theme. When service is not quite right, I don't mention it. Even if asked directly, I sometimes gloss over the "bad" experience. It struck me when I was getting my oil changed at our regular car dealer. It seemed like a typical experience. The… Continue reading Would You Send the Steak Back?

#inspiring, client service, customer satisfaction, inspiring, Leadership, success

The Power of “Yet”

Anyone can be a teacher, even a class full of fourth graders. I was ecstatic to talk to my son’s class about what an Innovation Consultant at IBM does. After clarifying that IBM does not make XBOX or Nintendo, I had the students do some fun activities focused on innovation and change. And then the… Continue reading The Power of “Yet”