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“Why write?”


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There is always so much to do.

Every once in awhile someone asks me, “why bother writing? A lot of work and you don’t have huge following? ” or ” It’s an interview no one really reads. Why do it?”

I don’t know. Sometimes I write because I am thinking like a child. Just putting pen to paper and exploring my thoughts. I find that helpful to generate other ideas or change my mindset or explore my life.  But I could easily answer these questions with another question: ” why do we anything?”

Why run? Or scrapbook? Or garden? Or sports? Or anything really?

There has to be something about it you just love. And its just that appreciation that is the start for why I write. I enjoy it. That’s where it starts but that is not where it stops.

Ironically, the same line of questioning had me doubting myself in past years. I was thinking I should give it up, but every time that happened a single person reached out to me and complemented me on something I had written. I remember each one of these people because it was as if they scooped me up and put me back on track again. My motto became: “if one person benefits from this blog, then it’s worth doing.” And it became about that for awhile: touching one person’s life.

As time passed, I realized so many more benefits. Sometimes clients reached out to me because they knew me from my writing. Sometimes other opportunities presented themselves. Or sometimes I just needed to write to clear my head, sorta speak.

All good. All practice. And all justification for journaling forward.

You do not need to know where it goes. You do not need to care where/how it gets published. You just need to get the words, thoughts, and “your soul at the time” on paper.


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