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Don’t Crack Up!

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“Don’t crack up.

Bend your brain.

See both sides.

Throw off your mental chains!”

Everyone has those points in life where it’s hard.  That voice in the back of your head that casts doubt especially when working through challenges in your life. The feeling that you are not where you should be or that you should be much farther along. The expectations we put on ourselves as we make our way through life.

Song and music can be particularly inspirational during these times. And not just any song but something that is meaningful to you. Something you identify with and resonates with you on a personal level. The lyrics above come from the song, “New Song” by Howard Jones. It’s not just the lyrics or the jazzy melody that lifts me up.

What is really cool is that he wrote this song while working in a factory with fellow colleagues telling him to give it up. These colleagues said he would never make it as a songwriter as he continued to play in local bars.

He wrote this song during that time. And it’s this song that launched his career to #1 on the Top 40s.

What story or song inspires you?

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