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The Power of “Yet”

classAnyone can be a teacher, even a class full of fourth graders.

I was ecstatic to talk to my son’s class about what an Innovation Consultant at IBM does. After clarifying that IBM does not make XBOX or Nintendo, I had the students do some fun activities focused on innovation and change.

And then the class taught me something.

While I had been talking about innovation and pushing past the words, “I can’t”, one of the students remarked that it was similar to the “Power of Yet”.

“The power of what?”, I asked.

The power of “yet”. That one little word that changes your perspective. I haven’t figured out division “yet”. I haven’t aced a spelling test “yet”. There are so many things fourth graders have yet to do but then in so many ways that applies to all of us.

What haven’t you done “yet”?

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