What can comedian Adam Sandler teach us about leadership? A lot, actually!


Adam Sandler absolutely rocked it in Detroit, MI with “100% Fresher”. All new material and more than just jokes. It included stories, songs, fun with the audience and even a sing-a-long! Completely fresh material as promised.

While I thoroughly enjoyed the show, I couldn’t help but be reminded of key leadership traits to share:

  • Authenticity: Adam’s show was him being who he was. As I watched, I could imagine this is the same guy you would see if hanging out at the bar or a football game. He shared memories of his friend, Chris Farley and ended with a gracious “thank you” to the audience on his journey to this point.
  • Vulnerability: It takes courage to come out with “100% Fresher” material after an established career. Let alone try out a “sing-a-long” with an adult audience. Inspiring Bold moves. I enjoyed seeing Adam put himself out there with the material he liked.
  • Support network: Actor Rob Schneider opened and then later came out again in the show for a singing part. You can see Adam’s support network in this comedy show as well as his movies where friends have made cameo appearances. It reminded me of those who support me and those I need to thank.

Leadership is needed everywhere in the world, and it’s great to see it in the most unlikely places like a comedy show.

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